Kathy from Lamonster shares some publicity secrets

Kathy’s exposure in the media is inspiring.  Her products are totally amazing, perfect unique and beautifully made which is a pretty good start, but the way she has been successfully featured in several ‘big name’ publications is a fantastic boost to the handmade network here in Perth.  Thankfully Kathy is a generous soul and shares her ‘publicity secrets’ in her words below.

frankieI started Lamonster in February 2012 and since then have been lucky to have been featured in publications such as Frankie Magazine, Peppermint Magazine, Tickle the Imagination, Kid Magazine and Kid Independant.
To be included in both Frankie and Peppermint Magazines has been such a highlight and so exciting mainly because they are my two most favorite magazines. Ever. But also because of the amazing exposure that they have brought me.

PEPPERMINT-MAGAZINE_2In each instance I visited the website for each of the magazines – they have a ‘submissions’ section and give you the email address for the best contact. I try to contact a magazine a month – there is no harm in trying! In the past I have emailed editors directly – sometimes I have gotten responses, but sometimes I just get emailed back a media pack.

When I contact magazines it’s normally very informal, I like to introduce myself and offer a bit of a background of what I do. I explain (very briefly) the processes involved and attach some promotional pictures and links to my website, Facebook and Etsy shop which I believe gives a complete view of what Lamonster is about.


I think the reason I was selected for both Frankie and Peppermint is that my style is absolutely on par with their target audience – mainly because I am their audience! I make clothing for children with an interesting/playful and vintage twist and both magazines love handmade, unique items. In particular Peppermint has a strong leaning towards garments made with an ethical/environmental consideration – so garments made in limited supply using organic or recycled goods would be favoured.

If I had 5 tips to offer they would be:
1.    Know your target audience and aim for the magazines you know they would read;
2.    Email the submissions contact provided in the magazine or on the magazine’s website;
3.    Be informal in your approach;
4.    Provide a little background on yourself and your business;
5.    Link to all web content (Etsy/Facebook/webpage/blog) to give them a clear idea of your brand.

And remember that you have nothing at all to lose in trying! Who wouldn’t want free exposure to thousands of people who may otherwise not know about the fantastic things you have to offer?
Good Luck!!

Kathy is a regular stall holder at local Perth Markets and is also a member of Montage Pop up shop open until 11 May 2013



Pop Up shops – a quick chat with Annie from Montage

Annie from Osmosis creates beautiful lazer cut and cross stitch jewellery. She is a founding member of Perth pop up shop MONTAGE. Montage Pop-up shop is a temporary store of local designers creating handmade goodies. Everything from jewellery, bath products, toys, aprons and homewares to fashion, art and papergoods plus a few surprises in between, all hand made and produced in WA! Montage’s mission is to create a unique shopping experience using the ‘pop-up’ concept of temporarily appearing in a location before disappearing and ‘poppingup’ again. Montage also hopes to encourage customers to support local handmade products by West Australian designers. Montage Collective have opened several successful ‘pop-up shops’ previously, in Fremantle, Northbridge and the Perth CBD.

Annie shares some insights into the increasingly popular retail trend ‘Pop Up Shops’


Why did you start The Montage Collective (Montage)?

It was started when one of a crafty group of friends found out about the possibility of getting a low rent shop for a couple of weeks in Freo. It was such a success we just kept going

 How did you find each other?

We knew one another initially via an Etsy forum that is no longer going, but many of us have kept in touch since.

What were your goals for the first pop up?

Personally I saw it as an experiment to see what would happen & if it would be worthwhile financially. Also as a way of getting my work seen by more potential customers. I then realised that it’s also a great way to spread the “locally hand made” word & show that shopping does not always have to done in chain stores. I think it has worked on all levels.

Where was the first Montage pop up?

Adelaide St, Freo

How do you find your next shop?

Keeping our eyes open for empty shops in potential areas & trying to persuade owners to give a reduced rent for a short stay (not always easy!!) Also repeat shops where it has gone well.

Whats the best part of being involved in a pop up?

Making can be such an isolated activity, it’s great to work on something as a team.

Whats the worst part of being involved in a pop up?

Scheduling meetings – we are scattered all over Perth and many of us have jobs so getting everybody to come is really hard.

What are your future plans?

We’d love regular venues in various suburbs so we can move around without having to deal with new landlords every time. I sometimes think a full time shop would be great, but that might make it a lot harder in many ways. I like to make more than I like to sell!

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start a pop up?

The people you work with are just as important as the product they make. Get to know any potential members a bit before you approach them.

Make sure you have some sort of rule as to what is or isn’t going to be in your shop. It makes decisions easier. e.g. we only have people who are hands on with what they make & that it’s made in WA. E.G. We might find somebody with a fab product, but we find out it’s actually made in Asia to their design. We are strict about this rule so we can’t stock them however much we like what they make.

Are there any resources you think are valuable for those looking to start a pop up?

You need to think creatively for venues, just keep your eyes open online, when out shopping, driving and passing real estate agents. Visiting handmade markets is a way to get to meet makers as a customer & see their product  in person. Private Facebook groups & Google docs are great for discussions and decision making plus keeping track of finances.

The next Montage Shop (number 7!) will be popping up Early April 2013 in Northbridge.

website: http://montagecollective.blogspot.com.au/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/montagecollective

Team Spirit

A big THANK YOU to all or our wonderful tam members that nominated our team for the Team Spirit Awards!

In case you missed it, Cynthia (Shiny Rabbit) was quoted and her photo was posted in the international ETSY Blog HERE

And this wonderful ETSY email (below) was sent by Kim Konen  to our team leader Peta (Petrafanella).

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 8.11.13 AM

It would be awesome if we were to be supported even more by ETSY. What a wonderful finish to a fantastic 2012! Lets hope 2013 thrives and continues the momentum.

Watch this space, keep checking the team forums (sign up for the daily email digest if you haven’t already), stay tuned and keep involved, we all love the community spirit and the wealth of knowledge we all have to share.

Selling With Success Seminar details

Still a few days to grab you tickets for the conference.

Grab them from HERE

Check out the awesome lineup for the day!

In case you have no idea where the conference will be, a little map is included here:


We look forward to seeing you on this exciting day of knowledge and fun! If you have any inquiries please contact us on streetteamwa@gmail.com
See you then!
The WA Street Team


Etsy are coming to WA and we want to give them a bundle of handmade goodness to take away with them.

We at the WA Street Team and Made on the Left would like to give Etsy staff a package of WA handmade items to take back east with them.

We are calling out for WA makers to provide one SMALL item for inclusion in this pack. (remember they have to take it back over east!) We will include your item with your business name/card firmly attached. Due to luggage limitations, we cannot include more than one item from each maker and we cannot include excess promotional material.

Please contact Davina at Fluid Ink or <design@fluidink.com.au> for more information and where to deliver/post items.

Products will need to be received no later than Wednesday 31 October.

Thanks in advance


Registrations for the EtsyAU seminar in WA are now open!

The Selling With Success EtsyAU Seminar  is held over one day on the 3rd of November at Form with other networking events being held around the date as well. Tickets are only $15 per person for the seminar which will help cover some costs.

Please pop over to the new WA Street Team store and take a look at the ticket listings for all of the details (and there are lots of them!) We have some fantastic knowledge-sharing set up for the day by some wonderful speakers. This is really exciting stuff and could be one of the best things you ever do for your Etsy business!

Selling With Success Seminar Tickets are available by clicking here. Register now by purchasing a ticket – seats are limited.

Any question, please email the Team on streetteamwa@gmail.com. See you on the big day!

selling with success

Expressions of interest – attending the WA Etsy Seminar!

Etsy is coming to town!

Hi All, we are taking a very quick poll on the level of interest in an Etsy focused seminar for November 2012.

We have an Etsy staff member lined up to speak at the seminar along with some other interesting speakers and subjects all focused on successful Etsy selling.  There may be a nominal fee charged for the day to help cover our costs and will be on a Saturday in November in a central location.

Please let us know of your interest level by ticking the appropriate poll response. The poll is open to everyone with an interest in Etsy! You can be an Etsy seller or even just starting to consider being an Etsy seller – it’s open to everyone who has a creative interest and an interest in selling on Etsy.

Click the most appropriate level of interest here!


from the WA Street Team folks

New Western Australia Team Newsletter

We have a new team newsletter and a team email address!!

You can sign up to our newsletter here:-


To make this a vital and informative newsletter, please email any news, hints, tips, – anything that would be useful to our readers to: streetteamwa@gmail.com

Newsletters will be sent on a monthly basis and will include info on team members sales, exhibitions or events, important team news and support and updates on relevant Esty information and events such as the upcoming Etsy visit to WA.With a team as big as we now have (over 400!! Go WA!!), it is the most efficient way to contact members.If you have relevant news you want to have considered for the newsletter, please send it to the Street Team email address.Dont forget to ‘like’ our facebook page too HERE!